-this blog is dedicated to "blk" clothing, in the same vein as rick owens, yohji yamamoto, damir doma, skingraft, etc.
-MW, WW & unisex will be included among the designs and posts published.
-this blog contains re-blogged and "original" posts of fashion found applicable to the main focus, complete outfit schematics, text about designers and the design process, & an attempt to holistically tie in all the inspirational elements together that help foster the creativity that allows these designs to manifest both from my own perspective and the perspective of the designers.
-submissions are very much encouraged as are messages or inquiries.
-any messages explicitly asked to remain private, will remain private. or e-mails can be sent to:
-all pictures, text or anything else posted and owned by the curator of this blog will be watermarked or signed otherwise, all other content is the property of the original owner. if any discrepancies arise, please contact the blog & any/all corrective action will be taken.
-founded jan2013